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Free chat rooms in perry county ohio

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Free chat rooms in perry county ohio

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Many of our chst have been with us since the very beginning - November 23, One of the early programs was the "Man on the Street" show. Announcer Hugh Dunbar interviewed anyone who happened to walk up to the microphone. In the s, the "easy listening" format dominated most FM stations in the United States.

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My friend's name was Delora Jane Greenlee. And when the station ed off the air each day - the song, Goodnight Dear Lord by Red Foley was played.

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They were called the Kentucky River Boy's. They had to stand me on a chair to reach the mike. I remember at around noontime you always would hear the famous Cattle Call.

How many of you remember that? I remember seeing him on the street in front of my father's store Julian's Department Store. Lamont Cranston and the Shadow Long before television was brought into our house our entertainment was the radio and WKIC. Napier ruled!

My mother could set the clock by me. The employer had brought his wife and 3 sons down from Clinton. Thank you for getting on the Internet! Thank you. In no time you will get recommendations on who to contact, and you can browse couhty more or Milf dating in Thornfield chatting with people right away.

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To many listeners in East Kentucky and beyond the region who could pick up the boom al of WSGSErnest and Jay were the voices of mountain high school sports for five decades, doing regular games along with district and regional tournament action, and every game of the Kentucky State High Harrow escorts Boys "Sweet 16" Tourney during their time at the microphones.

His name was, John Henry Smedley. What a great team they were! We are still very good friends and visit back and forth all the time.

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When my daddy and big brothers were overseas in the army, we listened to Gabriel Heater to tell us how the war was going. You could hear it all night long. They wanted to use our appearance as a means of getting recognition and permanence for an official 'station' in Hazard. Country Boy Feltner sold us houses full of furniture for three hundred dollars, we went to Taulbee Furniture Company for live shows, Sexey models sing 'Boogerman in the Bushes' for my grandchildren, we learned about hadicol and the benefits of drinking good 'ol cabbage juice, and who can forget the poor ol woman who washed and washed until she broke her back When it was time for 'my radio programs' RE: Sgt.

We first starting covering high school football games on the radio in the late s.

Anyone else remember this? I still wonder why the women always won. At that time, announcer Pete Pickins needed to leave the station immediately to take shemle escort sick wife to the hospital. I remain in Radio News, having moved to Missouri in Also worked with, and a good friend chqt, Virgil Walton Napier.

Free chat rooms in perry county ohio

Can anyone help? The "Singing Miner's" songs, were the most popular they played.

Among the best free chat room websites yesichat's thrives to be one among the most popular ones. I couldn't find anyone I knew back in Although WSGS is on the air around the clock, the song will return to it's regular spot, at the end of each day. Tonight I got into website and saw several pictures of Jerry and was so very sorry to read that he passed away in l Hazard got a radio station and an airport at about the same time, so we thought we had hit the big time. Grim, Delaware, OH "I have listened for years.

Talk about a small world.

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We would have guitars and fiddles and banjos playing, sometimes until the legal closing time was exceeded. I was on a radio show with Bill Buckner called Club Santee and I did a regular control room shift daily and I was at the controls for all those great 'old time religion' style radio programs I particularly liked the -off at night but can't recall it. Evidently, that section of Leslie County didn't get electricity perrt the s and the old radios continued to be used for many years.

Problems from listeners were solved, usually with a touch of humor. I would love to see some of their pics on your site. In the s, the "easy listening" format dominated most FM stations in the United States. Lasslo and Mr.

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This was around Later on I would always listen to the radio for the school closings. We did not have TV for many years when I rree growing escort bundaberg and we always listened to the radio. I grew up in Leslie County. This website is a wonderful idea.

My Aunt Marie beat the pepper eating champ by 1 pepper. We were in the area of Jackson, Kentucky after night time and it started raining and then every one started to search ohik the wind shield wipers.

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I retired from civil service in and returned here 5 years ago. Also I remember on Sunday morning there were a lot of good perrh by some of the church's in the area.

Thank you for your great work! Chat Rooms. I also listened to 'Sgt.

Guess what my grandfather said?